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          Accounts Receivables Management Services
          Accounts Receivables Management Services
Our agency mission is a simple one: To build a world-class company based on superior collection and customer service. We realize our clients are our greatest asset and deserve to be treated as such. We are dedicated to your success. Our employees are the strength of our company dedicated to treating the client and the debtor with dignity and respect. Our purpose is clear: We understand that it is your business and reputation; we will endeavor to act as if it was ours.
          Accounts Receivables Management Services
Accounts Receivable Management Services, LLC has been successfully providing collection support to the East Texas region since April, 1987. We are a regional collection agency and have handled over 350,000 accounts and collected over $20,000,000 for our clients. We are a full service agency offering early out, consulting, insurance follow-up, hot check collections, traditional collections and skip tracing support

A.R.M.S has a longstanding member of the Angelina County Chamber of Commerce and has served on the Economic Development and Community Development Committees. We are a member of the American Collectors Association which is the largest bonded collection association in the world. We are also members of the Better Business Bureau and have received recognition for over five year’s membership without a complaint. We comply with the FDCPA, the Fair Credit Reporting Act and all other federal and state regulations related to collections. ARMS is a full service collection agency with over 23 years of experience in the East Texas area. We are a known entity with a proven track record
A.R.M.S. employs a collection strategy of letters, phone calls, skip tracing services, credit bureaus, and litigation of accounts as necessary. A.R.M.S. places special emphasis on telephone contact because it generates the highest recovery rates. All collectors strictly follow guidelines for telephone contact as regulated by The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Our call center operates on windows based Columbia Ultimate collections software. Additionally in order to increase productivity and monitoring capabilities, we utilize the IAT Smart dial Predictive Dialer system. This allows our current staff to manage 9000 new accounts per week. Also, we have the ability to double our capacity with our current software and space arrangements. We utilize an internet based skip tracing software and also the NCOA national postal address update database