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          Accounts Receivables Management Services
Our agency mission is a simple one: To build a world-class company based on superior collection and customer service. We realize our clients are our greatest asset and deserve to be treated as such. We are dedicated to your success. Our employees are the strength of our company dedicated to treating the client and the debtor with dignity and respect. Our purpose is clear: We understand that it is your business and reputation; we will endeavor to act as if it was ours.
          Accounts Receivables Management Services
          Accounts Receivables Management Services
Office 936-639-1500
Toll- Free 877-826-6156
Fax Number 936-634-8761

Customer service is the primary function of many companies today. Although service comes last in our name, it comes first in our company philosophy. The ability to identify a client's needs and our flexibility to satisfy those needs results in superior customer service.

In addition to quality customer service, A.R.M.S. offers five standardized reports:

                                            Account Acknowledgement
                                            Cancel & Return
                                            Inventory listing
                                            Client Collection Results

A.R.M.S. also has other reports allowing clients analysis of the statistical data to spot trends, identify patterns and track performance. The Client's representative determines what additional reporting is needed. Reports can be mailed, emailed, or the client can be provided web access to log into our website to view current information from the previous day's placement and collection activity.

 Additionally, each client is assigned a customer service representative to handle day to day communication of information between the client and A.R.M.S. Most issues are handled the same day; our goal is to resolve all issues within 24 hours.